Extending our skin – CI Workshop Online

with Dorte Bjerre Jensen – May 1-2

Contact improvisation in your own space: multidirectional support and the power of your imaginary dancepartner. 

Improvisation is a practice that is dealing with the unknowable, the unpredictable by letting your body respond physically to the environment and its ability to trust its own physical intelligence. Your body creates space and it is space, and it’s constantly be-coming while extending its skin out in space. 

You are not alone. There is this multidirectional support within our bodies and around us.
Our one and only constant truly committed partner is the earth, the floor underneath our feet.
We will enjoy its magical support and let ourself move with ease. 
We will let us be supported by the air and the space we are in.
And within this we will allow ourselves to  sense the notion of: whatever you touch is touching your back!!(Karen Barad)

We will let our imaginary dancepartner guide us and surprise us , and allow ourselves to go places we haven’t visited before.

“…I must engage my own imagination to break free” adrienne marry brown

With a sense of subtle readiness and playfulness, we will meet the moment with our senses open. We will allow ourselves to move spherical with a clear powerful connection from center to extremities.

Teacher Bio

Dorte Bjerre Jensen (Denmark) is a dancer/performer, researcher, teacher, and organizer. She is deeply interested in bodily movement and expression as an art form both in practice and in theory. As an artist she creates, directs, and performs.

Dorte holds a M.F.A. from the Danish National School of Performing Arts “Dance Partnership” for professional dancers included an emphasis on artistic research, facilitation and phenomenological research methods at the Danish National School of Performing Arts (DDSKS). Her final research project was in the frame of process philosophy and contact improvisation. Additionally, Dorte is an educated Hatha Yoga teacher, Rosen Method therapist, and Conscious Touch therapist. She has been researching and practicing contacting improvisation for more than 20 years, and teaches contact improvisation nationally ( DDSKS,The Academy of Music, Dance and Theatre, CORPUS The Royal Ballet,The Academy of fine Arts, Ophelia Acting School etc.) and internationally at festivals, and in open workshops. She offers her work to professional dancers, actors, people in leadership roles, and to the general public. Dorte is the author of: “Facilitating Thinking-Touch through Process Philosophy and Contact Improvisation”

in Thinking Touch: Artistic, Scientific and Philosophical Perspectives on Partnering and Contact Improvisation(forthcoming) Editor Malaika Sarco-Thomas: Cambridge Scholar Press Forthcoming, 2020 and “Kontaktimprovisation.” in Dans 22. Bevægelse. Koreografi. Performance , 129–141. Mie Lykke Nielsen : Frydenlund, 2018.

Friday 1st of May : 16-18 
Saturday 2nd of May : 10-12  
Please arrive 10 minutes before start

I will establish contact and connect around any questions you may have. We will all gather at the end to have a discussion, answer questions, and close for the time being.

Preparation Instructions: Prepare an area of your home for this online workshop. The beauty is that we all have different “dance spaces”, so allow yourself to be creative with your own space. Maybe it is time to re-decorate your room 😉

At anytime you are welcome to turn off your video, to mute and un-mute – although it is nice to be able to see each other, but it is totally up to you!!

Fee: 500 kr 
Sign up via email to Dorte Bjerre Jensen: dotbjerre@hotmail.com 

You will receive a zoom link when you have paid to Swish: 0709-541695 to Malini Odenhall or you can chose to pay to Dorte Bjerre Jensen (you will get Dortes bank details when she has received your email:-)

Thank you so much!

Looking much forward 🙂
Warm wishes

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Info om VT2020

Under höstterminen har vi haft tre introduktionskurser, tre jam med live musik och en workshop. Det var tunt med antal deltagare till de flesta jam. Vi har då gått back ekonomiskt. Vet du att du glömt att betala för ett eller flera jam är du välkommen att betala i efterhand på vårt konto 5694 (clearing) 04 676 29.
Dessutom kommer Kompani 415 höja sina priser och det blir ju ännu svårare för oss ekonomiskt. 

Så vi bestämde att under vårterminen blir det jam varannan vecka, udda veckor på Spinn. Barn kommer att vara välkomna första söndagen i varje månad. 

Vårterminen kommer börja 19:e januari. Samma tid som vanligt. Vi öppnar dörren kl 16:00 och uppvärmningen börjar 16:15. Det blir samma pris som förra terminen: 40-60 kronor.

Vill du hålla i en uppvärmning hör av dig till oss på gbg.cic(at)gmail.com. Har du sagt att du håller i uppvärmningen och får förhinder är det upp till dig att hitta en vikarie. Annars blir det jam utan uppvärmning.

Datum att boka in i kalendern!!
Introkurser kl14-16 15:e mars och 26:e april. Sprid gärna dessa omkring dig.
Workshop med Dorte Jensen som är tillbaka för tredje gången: 2-3 maj.

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Introkurs med Martin Larsson och christian hüls

Vi ger dig enkla verktyg och “glosor” för att du lätt och tryggt kan delta i kontaktimprovisationsjam!

Vi börjar med att du landar i dig själv, i rummet. Vi förmedlar tanken om kontaktimprovisation som ett tryggt rum att vara i och visar enkla vägar in i improviserade rörelser med dig själv och andra.

När: 15:00 – 17:00, 27 okt 2019

Var: Spinnstudio, Järntorget 7 Göteborg

Anmälan: Du anmäler dig till christian chlse@gmx.net
SENAST 25/10 (fredagen innan!)
Vi behöver minst 6 deltagare för att det ska bli av.
Obs! Vi kommer att ställa in lördag 26/10 om det inte blir tillräckligt många anmälda.
Det blir ingen uppvärmning till jammet kl 17:15 om nybörjarkursen blir av,
annars uppvärmning som vanligt 16:15.

Pris: 100:- Betalas med swish till nummer 0702123897 senast 25/10
Då ingår jammet som följer efter, 17:15-19:00
Frågor: 0702123897

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Introkurs i kontaktimprovisation med Sara Hawén och Aron Rose Melz

Vi går igenom grunderna i kontaktimprovisation. Denna introduktion har vi fokus på dansen som kommunikation med sig själv och andra. Hur kan jag ställa frågor i dansen? Hur kan jag ge och ta emot ja och nej? Vad är ett ja och ett nej i dansen?

När: Söndag 6 oktober, kl 14:00-16:00
Kom gärna lite innan så att du ger dig själv tid för att byta om och landa.

Var: Kompani 415. Spårvagnshållplatsen är Bellevue, sen är det en tio minuters promenad. Att alternativ är busshållplatsen Kvibergsskolan med en fem minuters promenad dit. Adressen är Marketenterivägen 1, 415 28 Göteborg.

Anmälan: Du anmäler dig till sarahawen@yahoo.co.in.
SENAST 29/9 (en vecka innan!)
Vi behöver minst 6 deltagare för att det ska bli av.
Vi kommer att ställa in måndag 30/9 om det inte blir tillräckligt många anmälda. Det blir oavsett en vanlig uppvärmning till jammet kl 16:15.

Pris: 100:-Betalas med swish till nummer 0760137155 senast 29/9
Då ingår jammet som följer efter 16:15-19:00

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Falling into Contact – Workshop with Adrian Russi 7-8 Sept

About the workshop:
How can I give my weight and at the same time stay self-responsible? What is helpful for keeping the connection with my center while falling? How does it feel to surrender and when do I give up myself? How do I create stable structures that are smooth and mobile?
In this workshop we will provide basic dynamic principles of CI with the goal to integrate them in their full range into the own as well as the common dance. Besides surfing under the skin and reaching multi-directionally, we will mainly explore how to deal with the own weight and how to use it in order to stay deeply committed to the dance.
Pushing actively against the floor and falling – that means following gravity – are the two main possibilities to initiate spacious movements. And falling towards the partner or rather into the point of contact should be an essential driving force behind any CI-duet.
In order to use gravity we need to surrender and to be brave, mobile and able to react very quickly. In this way “Following Through” will become an organic part of our dance and instead of controlling the situation we will start to navigate along a common pathway into the unknown.

About the teacher:

Since more than twenty years I’m deeply involved in the exploration of the body and many things more that go beyond but stay connected with the physical basis. Beside the dance I did martial art (Wu Chi, Tai Chi, Escrima, Kung Fu), bodywork and energywork. In 1992 I started with Contact Improvisation, New Dance and Open Improvisation joined short time later. And since then dance kept me – it influences and inspires my life to a high degree. After I finished my studies in New Dance at “bewegungs-art” in Freiburg / Germany I started teaching Contact Improvisation and New Dance and initiated “Arte Schoki”, a company working with open improvisation on stage, and this became the basis of my further performance work.
My formation went on continuously in different ways (workshops, festivals, laboratories) and with various teachers, among them Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith who have started to develop CI in the early seventies with a group of other movers. A big influence also came from Lilo Stahl, Andrew Harwood and David Zambrano. Besides the dance I studied Craniosacral Bodywork what has been very important for my understanding of the subtle connections within the body.
I’m based in Switzerland where I offer my work as a free lancer to a wide range of people. I get regularly invited to international festivals and to teach workshops all over Europe. In my teaching I’m focusing on the technical aspects of movement (ease, precision and strength) as well as on matters of perception (sensation, connection of inner and outer space, of bottom and top) and a creativity coming from a distinct body-awareness. For me the pleasure to play, deep engagement in the dance, and respect for others are the basis for gaining the most possible in dancing CI. And there should be always some place left for the sense of humour!
As a performer I’m working with many different international artists and my performances are primarily based on free improvisation including Contact Improvisation, dance, dance-theatre, voice and live music.
And last but not least I’m organizing regularly jams, festivals and meetings to exchange and explore in collaboration with teachers and performers from Switzerland and abroad.

Saturday 7 September: 10-17 workshop (lunch break 13-14:30)
Sunday 8 September: 10-16 workshop (lunch break 13-14.15)

For the lunch break you can bring your own food, or buy some sandwiches not so far from the venue.

On Sunday 7th September right after the workshop there is a jam for everyone with Adrian as warm-up facilitator.
Warm-up 16.30-17, jam 17-19.

Kompani 415
Marketenterivägen 1,
415 28 Göteborg.
Look for a big yellow wooden house.
The space: http://kompani415.se/eventlokaler/
Car: Some free parking lots right in front of the building.
Tram: Ten minutes walk from the tram stop Bellevue.
Buss: Three minutes walk from the bus stop Brovägen. 15 min from center Göteborg.

It is unfortunately NOT possible to sleep in the house where we dance, but you can write and ask here in this event. Maybe there will be a free couch at some other participant. 🙂

Sliding scale: SEK 800 (unwaged) SEK 1100 (low waged) SEK 1400 (waged).

Sign up:
NOTE: Limited places! To reserve your place, please first contact the Göteborg contact collective at gbg.cic@gmail.com.
Your registration is valid once we have received your transfer of the full fee to the following account:
Account holder: Carine Cassia
Account number: 5694 04 676 29
Clearing number: 5694 IBAN: SE0350000000056940467629 BIC: ESSESESS Bank: SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken).
Don’t forget to put your name and what the payment is for (“WS September 2019” for example) in the payment reference.
Registration deadline: 6 September 2019.

Last cancellation: One week before, we will refund you the full payment, 3 days before, half sum.

Welcome !!!

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